About 3 Mark

About 3 Mark

3 Mark & Insurance Designers of America

The alliance between 3 Mark and Insurance Designers of America (IDA) leverages the companies’ respective strengths in insurance marketing and financial services to empower financial services professionals. This is a win-win-win alliance. The alliance of 3 Mark and IDA not only strengthens each company it also strengthens the position of the financial services professional thus providing the end consumer higher quality products and services.

About IDA

Insurance Designers of America (IDA) is the insurance marketing organization that puts integrity, professionalism, and the desire to do what’s best for the consumer ahead of all else.

We work with independent advisors, brokerage general agencies, and financial institutions that hold themselves to that same standard.

Our mission as an IMO is to help our member agencies grow and evolve their businesses while providing consumers with the best insurance solutions. We’re a fierce advocate for the consumer, and we work with independent advisors, BGAs, and financial institutions that share this passion.