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Ten thousand Americans turn 65 every day. Many of these men and women do not have a Defined-Benefit Pension Plan. The annuity products available from the carriers we work with provide principal protection, growth potential and income that cannot be outlived.

You can rely on 3 Mark Financial to help you create guardrails to safeguard your clients’ retirement journey.

3 Mark offers annuities from 29 of the top annuity carriers.  Products include fixed annuities, Multi Year Guaranty (CD) Annuities, Fixed Indexed annuities, Single Premium Immediate Annuities and Deferred Income Annuities.

We will help you determine the right product based on your client’s situation and needs.  We provide product information, marketing supplies, and applications to help you make the sale and navigate the complex suitability and product training requirements currently in place.

Annuity Resources

Annuity Training Guide

The annuity market is regulated by the state insurance department in your state with input from the NAIC. Appointment to the carrier, suitability training, product training and fully completed applications lay the foundation for smooth processing and a quick decision for your client.

Annuity Rate Watch

A side-by-side comparison of more than 200 annuity products.

Annuity Fact Finder

A tool to help you collect the necessary data for an annuity quote.

Tax Reference Guide

A quick-reference guide to current tax rates, retirement account contribution limits, and more.

Asset Transfer Tips

Ready to move forward with an annuity for your client?