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Underwriting encompasses more than just obtaining competitive offers from our carriers, even though that remains one of the most critical elements of our value proposition.

Underwriting involves active case management, tracking and reporting of requirements, and getting policies issued as effectively and efficiently as possible.

3 Mark Financial has been a leader in the brokerage industry in providing underwriting support and expertise in placing difficult impaired risk cases. We have assembled an outstanding team of dedicated service-oriented Case Managers and an Underwriter to expedite your client’s life insurance applications

We have one full-time underwriter with an extensive home office background at major carriers and eight case managers averaging more than 10 years of experience each to coordinate all aspects of your cases. Their combined experience and longstanding industry relationships help you quickly identify and navigate carrier niches or special underwriting programs currently offered through our carrier partners to help you deliver timely and competitive offers to your clients.

David Royse

David Royse

Vice President - Underwriting