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Welcome to 3 Mark’s e-Solutions platform. One of the biggest changes in our industry since the computer generated sales illustration is the recent trend to electronic applications, underwriting and even policy delivery. Today 30% or more of our applications are electronic and carriers are continuing to invest in electronic platforms to speed your application through underwriting and on to paid status faster. The resources on this page will help you determine the best carrier, product and underwriting option for you and your clients.

What are the advantages of using 3 Mark Financial’s e-Submission Platform?

  • Easy-to-understand screens that walk you through the electronic application
  • “In-Good-Order” applications are assured
  • In many cases data is transmitted automatically from the illustration to the application
  • Flexibility to choose the submission and policy delivery method for a number of carriers
  • Quicker processing of your applications means cases go paid faster
3 Mark e-Solutions

Generally speaking as you move from Final Expense GI towards E-App Full underwriting the time from submission to policy issue gets longer. That said, some of the best pricing is only available on fully underwritten cases. In all cases an electronic submission should be faster than a paper application.

No underwriting, minimum issue age 50+, maximum death benefit $25,000 with the first 3 years graded.
  • AIG**
    • **This is a product specific to the senior market and requires a producer code from the Special Markets Division of AIG. Contact your 3 Mark Licensing contact for assistance. Once you receive this code you will be granted access to the quoting and e-submit platform for the GIWL product.
  • Gerber Life*

* You must have a carrier user id and password.