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Log on to 3 Mark’s pending-case system, Smart Office, for the latest information on your pending cases.

This feature requires the use of the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Download Internet Explorer here. You must also modify your Compatibility View Settings. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Compatibility View Settings > “Add” > add ebix.com and ez-data.com

SmartOffice Click Here!

Click Here!

SmartOffice makes it easy for you to view case status and other detail of your pending cases – saving you time and helping to manage your client relationships.  This web-based solution requires no software installation and gives you immediate access to the information you need – any time, anywhere – 24/7.

Questions or problems?

Please contact at Commissions Project Leader Kaitlynn Titman:

Kaitlynn Titman

Kaitlynn Titman

Commissions Project Leader

888-533-6275 - Toll Free
281-269-2328 - Direct