3 Mark Underwriting

Online Application Systems

Reduce time-to-issue. Offer value and convenience to your clients. Get paid faster!

Our carriers’ Online Application Systems of our carriers offer tele-application systems designed to provide a faster, easier way to submit your life business. These processes reduce cycle times so your clients get their policies faster and you get paid faster. We encourage you to use them whenever possible.

iPipeline iGO e-App

iGO e-Applications

Complete a life insurance application utilizing the iGO e-Application platform.  It is an intelligent fillable form with carrier specific rules embedded. iGO e-App enables you to electronically complete and process 100 percent in-good-order applications.

Drop Ticket

Complete a life insurance application in just minutes!  Our carrier call centers schedule your clients’ exam and obtains signatures for you.  Drop Ticket is a streamlined process for submitting life insurance applications which will help minimize the amount of time you spend on paperwork and scheduling.

Carrier Specific e-Application Systems