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Online Contracting

3 Mark offers an industry-leading online contracting system from SureLC designed to make submitting carrier contracts easier, faster and more accurate.

Submitting contracting requests has never been so easy – and now it’s paperless! Getting started takes approximately eight minutes to complete from start to finish, including the input of your signature and E&O.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t currently have E&O insurance, how can I get it?

You can obtain E&O insurance through Sure LC and their partner, Hiscox. Once you have registered on Sure LC, simply click on “My Info” and you will see a tab across the bottom “E&O”. Click on this tab, and you will be able to purchase E&O. If you aren’t signed up on Sure LC, you may go directly to the Hiscox website at: HISCOX

Q: What is SureLC?

SureLC is an online contracting program that allows you to control your information and which carriers you want to work with. When you submit a contract request, you are sending a request through SureLC to the Contracting Department at 3 Mark Financial. Once received, the appropriate team member will finalize your paperwork and send it to the carrier. Processing times vary based on how complete your agent record in SureLC, so make sure your information is up to date.

Q: I want to see how the process works before I begin. How can I do that?

You can view our Training Video, visit the Support Center, or read the SureLC Producer User Guide.

Q. Do I have to download and maintain software on my computer?

No! The program opens in your browser and uses very little or your computer’s processing power. All you have to maintain is your personal information and contracting requests within the program.

Q. Do I have to answer the SureLC Questionnaire again?

Yes! The answers to the Questionnaire must be reconfirmed if it has been longer than two months since you last requested a contract. But it’s easy. When you go through the process to submit a contract, the program will prompt you to reconfirm your answers if necessary.

This reconfirmation process is included in the program to help protect you from being denied a contract at the carrier based on the results of a background check. It does not guarantee success, but an accurately completed questionnaire can help your case with the carrier’s compliance teams.

Q. I would rather complete paper forms. Can I still do that with SureLC?

If you would rather complete paper forms for SureLC, please send an email to licensing@3mark.com to request the forms from the Contracting Department.  Or download them now – SureLC User Producer Setup Packet

Bill Dibala

Bill Dibala

Licensing Specialist

Direct Line: 281.269.2336
Toll Free: 888.533.6275 ext. 336

Alexandra Galla

Alexandra Galla

Contracting Specialist

Direct Line: 281.269.2334
Toll Free: 888.533.6275 ext. 334

Please Note

Producer Personal Information Updates

It is your responsibility to provide and maintain personal information and contract requests in SureLC.

Mailing Address Changes

If you have a mailing address that needs to be changed at the carrier, please first update your SureLC record and then let us know you have changed it. There are several carriers that have specific forms that need to be filled out in order for the change to be made. To contact the 3 Mark Contracting Department, please send an email to licensing@3mark.com

AML Training

AML, or anti-money laundering training, must be completed every two years. Specific courses may be required by carriers so agents may be required to complete trainings more often than this law requires. The training can be completed at http://nailba.limra.com/Nailba_default.html.  Training may also be completed through a 3rd party vendor. Please be aware: Some carriers do not accept AML training certifications from 3rd party vendors.


Annualization and advanced commissions are limited to two carriers per agent. All advanced commissions are capped at 75%. 3 Mark Financial does not automatically request annualization for any agent. The agent is responsible for contacting the Contracting Department and requesting the additional paperwork. We do not process annualization paperwork through SureLC.  To contact the 3 Mark Contracting Department, please send an email to licensing@3mark.com.

Pre-appointment States

Several carriers recognize pre-appointment states. Pre-appointment states are states in which the agent must be appointed prior to taking the app. This means that the agent must be contracted with both the carrier and appointed, not licensed, by the state before the agent can write business.  Due to their interpretations of state laws, each carrier has a different list of pre-appointment states. These lists change frequently. It is the responsibility of the agent to verify that their business is not in a pre-appointment state.  You can request a pre-appointment state check by carrier through the Contracting Department at licensing@3mark.com.

Annuities and LTC

According to NAIC Model Regulation 276, each agent is required to complete product specific training modules through each insurance carrier prior to the date on an annuity application. Carriers must reject any apps that do not follow this rule. Please make sure you let the Contracting Department know that you need a contract before selling any annuity product. Many states require CE trainings to be updated periodically. It is the agent’s responsibility to make sure their training is up to date.

To contact the 3 Mark Contracting department, please send an email to licensing@3mark.com.

For information about annuity training contact Bruce Alfredson at 281-269-2352 or Bruce Alfredson before taking an app.