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Webinar: Can you predict the future? Planning for the future just got easier with a North American IUL

Watch the North American webinar dated March 22, 2023 at 3:00 pm Central.

North American’s IUL products include a unique and valuable benefit that provides the policy owner with unmatched flexibility & control of their policy when they want it most.

At the time of sale, the client’s goal will be identified & matched up with one of the three IUL products that North American offers.  With this valuable benefit, it can provide the client with solutions for the “What if’s” that may occur in their future:

  • What if…..they want a guaranteed DB and/or guaranteed income?
  • What if…..their objectives have transitioned from retirement income to legacy?
  • What if…..they no longer want just a guaranteed DB, but want additional income in retirement?

Join us to learn more about how this benefit can help solve a “what if” scenario in the future

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