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Life Settlements

Life insurance is an asset just like anything else you own. If your clients find themselves at a stage in their life or business where a life insurance contract is no longer needed, additional options may be available in the secondary market for life insurance policies.

Traditional options include discontinuing premium payments, causing the policy to lapse or if it is a cash value contract, canceling the policy and taking the cash surrender value. An additional option may be to sell the policy in the secondary market.

Even policies without a cash surrender value may have a value in the secondary market. Before your clients stop paying premiums resulting in a lapsed policy, suggest they get a secondary market opinion of the value of the policy.

3 Mark has partnered with the Ashar Group, a firm that facilitates the sale of life insurance policies to institutional buyers. Ashar will appraise your client’s policy and health to determine the potential value of their policy. If, indeed, it is determined the policy has value in the secondary market, your case will be formally underwritten and presented to institutional buyers to determine a competitive offer for your client’s contract. The life settlement option allows policyholders to realize real value for life insurance they no longer need or can afford. Once the proceeds of the sale are received, they can use the proceeds to help pay for medical bills, living expenses or anything else they choose.

To learn more about the secondary market for life insurance contracts, review the resources listed below or contact a member of the 3 Mark Financial sales or marketing team.