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Longevity Specialists

Welcome to Longevity Specialists! Why become a longevity specialist? The Longevity Specialists platform was created to address the ever growing challenge of Lifestyle and Legacy planning facing retirees, their children, and the advisors who serve them. Our Specialists work closely with families, addressing challenges like:

A Longevity Specialist will be able to answer these, and many other questions that are critical to reducing the financial and emotional stress faced by today’s retirees and their families. Our Specialists have a unique story to tell prospects and a toolbox of programs and solutions that address the key concerns of Baby Boomers, Millennials, and the Sandwich Generation.  Our Longevity Specialists guide their clients through all of these decisions and many more.

  • Will I outlive my income?
  • How will I deal with my post-retirement health care?
  • Will I become a burden on my children?
  • When can I retire, and how long will I be retired?
  • What legacy do I want to leave?

The Longevity Corner with Kelly

3 Mark Financial is excited to announce a new partnership with Gerontologist, Kelly Ferrin, who will be providing a series of monthly features on a variety of topics designed to help us rethink the concept of retirement, what we need to be talking about, thinking about, how we may need to be planning, and positioning products in a new way to better prepare people for the reality of living and financing a potential 30-year retirement. From lifestyle and wellness issues to financial and planning strategies, The Longevity Corner with Kelly will be an extraordinary new feature that will ultimately help you do your best work, so your clients and prospects can live their best life! Join us in welcoming Kelly by checking our her website kellyferrin.com and take a quick peruse to learn more about her 30 year experience — including 15 years in the financial space, and how she is one of the only people in the country doing this kind of work.

Rewirement: Focusing On Retirement Income Planning

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Kelly Ferrin: Longevity Specialists

Retirement Planning to Life Planning

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Kelly Ferrin: Longevity Specialists

Are We Talking About It?

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