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10,000 Baby Boomers are turning 65 every day and the U.S. life expectancy is rising. It has never been more important for your clients and prospects to understand the life events that trigger the need for Long Term Care insurance. This evolving marketplace makes it easier than ever to create a safety net that helps protect their most important asset – their financial future.

Asset based products provide long-term care benefits in excess of the premium, offering double and triple leverage while enjoying tax advantages. If never used or only a portion is used, it will distribute remaining benefits to your beneficiaries. A return of premium is often available should you need funds for another purpose.

Asset based policies are actually life insurance or in some cases, annuities with long-term care or chronic illness protection. These products appeal to cost-conscious consumers who need the protection and also have the desire to potentially leave something to the next generation. Hybrid products allow consumers to leverage an emergency fund, reposition low yielding CDs or fixed investments in a more efficient manner while providing liquidity, guarantees and protection.

Let 3 Mark help you start this important conversation with your clients and prospects.

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