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If your international clients are not United States citizen or resident aliens, and have assets in the U.S. they may not be able to take advantage of certain tax provisions available to U.S. citizens and resident aliens. Without proper planning, they may owe a large U.S. estate tax bill, which may reduce their estate and the legacy for their surviving family.

Life insurance is often an efficient solution for offsetting U.S. estate taxes, allowing the full value your client’s property to remain in the family. Life insurance from U.S. based life insurance companies also offer tax-deferred growth of policy cash values and the stability of U.S. based currency, all with some of the lowest life insurance premiums available anywhere in the world. These are some of the features and benefits that have proven popular with international clients.

3 Mark Financial has the expertise to manage your foreign national business from carrier and product selection to underwriting and case placement. Many carriers say they are in this market segment but few are in position to take all your cases based on their nexus and documentation requirements. 3 Mark has strong relationships with all the major carriers in the foreign national market.

Let 3 Mark become the resource for your international life insurance business.

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